«ЭкоВет» ошейник репеллентный

for dogs



The collar is a polychlor vinyl tape with a specific odour of herbal components.


Natural oils of: Geranium, Neem tree, Clove; Vanilla extract.

Polychlor vinyl tape of correspondent length.

Repellent collar EcoVet for dogs and cats protects against most common types of ectoparasites, as well provide the perfect external look of your pet. The collar has an expressed repellent effect to fleas, lice, ticks and transporters of dangerous diseases - mosquitos, flies. This is gained due to thoroughly combined composition of solely herbal ingredients: Geranium oil, Neem tree oil, Clove oil (or extracts) and Vanilla extract. Permanent extraction of natural repellents from soft collar texture provides animal protection of parasites up to 3 months.

Product ingredients has a feature to supplement and enhance an action of each other, which in turn create cosmetic effect, mask unpleasant odour, and improve skin and coat conditions.

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Applicationfor dogs
Storage conditionsIn a dry room at a temperature of 5 to 25 ° C and a relative humidity of not more than 75%.
Expiration date3 years
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For external use only. The collar of 70±5 cm length for dogs and 35±5 cm for cats and small dog breeds is intended for not tight fixation on the animal neck. Collar length is adjusted depending of animal size.

It should leave a part of collar to loose it when animal grow up.

The collar is applied to kittens and puppies of 6-weeks age and adult animals. Recommended to animals that have an allergy on chemical insecticidal drugs.


Individual hypersensibility to active components.

Pack size

Collar in a polymeric bag packed into cardboard box.

«ЭкоВет» ошейник репеллентный