• Bed "Transformer"
    • for dogs

       PR241983 (52х42х18) PR241982 (54х66х20) 2 in 1 – bed and a cushion – a perfect solution for the owners of puppies and those who often take their four-legged friends on holidays.• the bed enables to create a comfortable sleeping place for your pet within a minute in any room• pins keep the walls in the stable position, do not damage the fabric, are...

    • Bed "Omega"
      • for dogs

        PR241897 OMEGA 1 (43х34х13) gray PR241896 OMEGA 2 (55х43х15) gray PR241895 OMEGA 3 (66х50х17) gray PR241894 OMEGA 4 (80х58х19) gray PR241893 OMEGA 5 (92х68х21) gray This comfortable bed with foam sides and a soft removable cushion will suit any dog.Omega bed will be optimal due to its:• ergonomic and universal design• durable fabric of beautiful colors•...

      • Bed "Coral"
        • for dogs

          Color: beige Art. PR240894 (46х36х24 cm) Art. PR240895 (57х47х27 cm) Art. PR240896 (66х57х29 cm)   Color: brownArt. PR240897 (46х36х24 cm) Art. PR240898 (57х47х27 cm) Art. PR240899 (66х57х29 cm) An exciting and comfortable solution for your pet – the Coral bed with padded sides.  This quiet place will be appreciated by your four-legged friend, and the...

        • Bed "Lux"
          • for dogs

            PR241784 (40х30х17 cm) cherry/cherry PR241783  (52х36х20 cm) cherry/cherry PR241782  (62х44х22 cm) cherry/cherry PR241781  (57х79х24 cm) cherry/cherry PR241780  (86х62х27 cm)  cherry/cherry A universal dog bed is comfortable, compact and eye-catching.Model benefits:• a wide size range• ergonomic shape• soft foam sides• removable and easy-to-clean cushion...

          • Bed "Coconut"
            • for dogs

              PR241981  48х38х18 см    PR241980   54х44х20 см   PR241979   64х50х22 см   Your pet will enjoy sleeping in this quiet and cosy place! "Coconut" is a soft and functional bed for small and medium-sized dogs. It is made of durable interlock waterproof fabric that is easy to clean from fur.Comfortable and quite high bed sides and a removable cushion are...

            • Mattress for dogs
              • for dogs

                Art. PR740429 (36х56х2 cm)Art. PR740430 (44х66х2 cm)Art. PR740431 (52х77х2 cm)Art. PR740432 (57х84х2 cm)Art. PR740433 (84х112х2 cm)The optimal affordable compact pet bed. • the bed can be organized for your four-legged pet in any place just within a second• it is easy to store and transport• a wide size range• the mattress is so simple and universal that...

              • Bed and house Comfort
                • for cats and dogs

                  PR241892 COMFORT 1 (32х31х28) PR241891 COMFORT 2 (35х34х31)  PR241890 COMFORT 3 (39х38х35) PR241889 COMFORT 4 (44х43х40)This house will be perfect for adult small-size pets, cats and dogs, as well as for kittens and puppies. The model is quite spacious, its soft sides make it very cosy, while kittens and puppies will not fall out and their games will be...

                • Bed and house "Yurt"
                  • for cats and dogs

                    PR241898 (38x38x26 cm) ornamentPR241887 (38x38x26 cm) "bone" 

                  • Bed and house "Caprice"
                    • for cats
                    Vendor code: PR241990

                      A quiet house for your pussy cat! The Caprice pet house is a functional option for sleep and leisure of your cats, kittens and small dogs. These pets will enjoy sleeping in this house. The durable cotton is easy to clean with a roller or brush.This check cotton house will highlight and complement your interior.Bring joy to your pet with a wonderful place...

                    • Bed and house "Lord"
                      • for cats and dogs
                      Vendor code: PR241899

                        A practical soft cotton bed will be appreciated not only by cats, but also by small dogs. The transformer bed can be used in two positions: as a house with a round entrance and a soft cushion inside, or as a bed – what you need is just to push the roof of the house with your hand, having taken the cushion out, and then to put the cushion on the bed. Model...

                      • House "Cube"
                        • for cats and dogs
                        Vendor code: PR241888

                          The Cube pet house is perfect for cats and small dogs. It is very quiet and soft thanks to its foam filling. It is functional and affordable.    This pet sleeping place is: • compact, • universal, • easy to clean: a removable washable cushion is on the bottom, • value for money. The universal design and shape enable to easily place this pet house in any...

                        • Bed "Sophie"
                          • for cats and dogs
                          Vendor code: PR241779

                            Your beautiful pet will prefer this place to sleep – the Sophie dog bed.This bed benefits are:• cotton with a nice pattern;• cushion filling is padding polyester that gives comfort and does not get matted;• the cushion is hand-washable.This pet sleeping place will become a worthy highlight for the interior made in the Provence, country, eclectic or...

                          • Лежак BERRY
                            Лежак BERRY
                            • for cats and dogs
                            Vendor code: PR242859

                            • Лежак RICKY
                              Лежак RICKY
                              • for cats and dogs
                              Vendor code: PR242857