TM «Priroda»

For more than 20 years, the brand «Priroda» has been one of the largest manufacturers of pet products in Ukraine. For always be in trend, we constantly improve product quality, introduce new technologies and innovative techniques. In 2019, we became the first pets food manufactorer in Ukraine who was audited for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000: 2018 and received a certificate.

Nowadays in the assortment more than 1000 products for pets:

  • cereal feed and treats
  • cages
  • toys and accessories
  • hygienic fillers
  • scratches and beds
  • clothes and carrying bags for cats and dogs and much more.

Our mission - is to create products that give even more joy from communicating with pets. We study the needs of pets and their owners and based on this data we create unique products.

Products of TM "Priroda" are popular in the domestic market of pet products and also we export to 7 countries in Europe and Asia. Every year we take part in international exhibitions and expand the range.


The beginning of the way!
Start of production of feed for birds and rodents - 5 types. 

Opening the manufactory of clothes. For the first time on the Ukrainian market appears sewing products for animals.

Beginning of producing scratches other wood products for pets


The first cages for birds and rodents of TM "Priroda" was on sale.

The beginning of plastic products producing.

Launch of the producing aquariums of various models and shapes.


Beginning of producing backlit covers for aquariums.

Launch to the Ukrainian market a new brand of clothing for dogs Pet Fashion. In assortment - 10 models.


For the first time, the company takes part on international exhibition - InerZoo (Germany).

20 years of TM "Priroda"! Assortment - over 1160 products


We are the first Ukrainian manufacturer of feed and treats for birds and rodents, which received the certificate of ISO 22000: 2018

For the first time in Ukraine, a modified air environment is used for the production of pets food.