«ЭкоВет» для средних пород собак

for dogs



Liquid of light-yellow to yellow colour with specific odour of herbal components.

Composition and pharmacological properties

Natural oils of: Geranium, Neem tree, Clove; Vanilla extract. Excipients: polisorbat-80, PEG-400, salimix.

Product ingredients has a feature to supplement and enhance an action of each other, which in turn create cosmetic effect, mask unpleasant odour, and improve skin and coat conditions. In case of irritations and micro wounds on the skin, the drops promote fast regeneration and renovation of epidermis.

External use drops "EcoVet" for cats, small dog breeds, as well middle and large breeds protect against most widespread species of ectoparasites, and care about perfect external look of your pet.

An agent has an expressed repellent effect to fleas, lice, ticks and transporters of dangerous diseases - mosquitos, flies. This is gained due to thoroughly combined composition of solely herbal ingredients: Geranium oil, Neem tree oil, Clove oil (or extracts) and Vanilla extract.

More details

Applicationfor dogs
Storage conditionsIn a dry, dark room, at a temperature of 0 to 25 ° C.
Expiration date2 years
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One pipette content spreads from withers along the spine till the end of body by tipping-on; depending from animal weight is applied:

- "EcoVet" drops for cats and small dogs of 0,5 ml - to puppies, kittens of 4-weeks age, and adult small dogs and cats of 4 kg body weight - 1 pipette;

- cats and small dogs of 4-11 kg body weight - 2 pipettes;

- "EcoVet" drops for middle dogs 1.0 ml- to dogs of 10-20 kg body weight;

- "EcoVet" drops for large dogs 2.0 ml - to dogs from 20 kg body weight - 1 pipette; if over 20 kg is used a combination of pipettes depending from body weight.

The processing of animals is carried during seasonal activity of parasites if required, but not often than 1 time in 21 days.


Individual hypersensibility to active components.

Pack size

Polymeric pipettes of 0,5 ml, 1,0 ml or 2,0 ml, packed in cardboard box by 4 pcs.


Keep out of reach of children, separately of food, beverages and animal feed at temperature 0°С to 25°С.

Shelf life: 2 years

Art. PR241110


spot-on drops

Cats & Small Dogs

0.5 ml – 4 pipettes

Quantity in a group box

6 pcs.

Art. PR241111


spot-on drops

Middle Dogs

1.0 ml – 4 pipettes

Quantity in a group box

6 pcs.

Art. PR241112


spot-on drops

Large Dogs

2.0 ml – 4 pipettes

Quantity in a group box

6 pcs.



«ЭкоВет» для средних пород собак