«ЭкоВет» спрей



Liquid of light-yellow to yellow colour with specific odour of herbal components.


Natural oils of: Geranium, Neem tree, Clove; Vanilla extract, salimix, distilled water, isopropyl alcohol.

Product ingredients has a feature to supplement and enhance an action of each other, which in turn create cosmetic effect, mask unpleasant odour, and improve skin and coat conditions. In case of irritations and micro wounds on the skin, the drops promote fast regeneration and renovation of epidermis.

External use spray for cats and dogs protects against most widespread species of ectoparasites, and care about perfect external look of your pet. An agent has an expressed repellent effect to fleas, lice, ticks and transporters of dangerous diseases like mosquitos, flies. This is gained due to thoroughly combined composition of solely herbal ingredients: Geranium oil, Neem tree oil, Clove oil (or extracts) and Vanilla extract.

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Volume250 ml
Storage conditionsIn a dry, dark room, at a temperature of 0 to 25 ° C.
Expiration date2 years
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It can be used to kittens and puppies of 4-weeks age as well to adult animals. Shake thoroughly the bottle before processing. The remedy is pulverized onto animal body at distance 10-20 cm by one arm, and the other arm raised the coat up contrary to growth direction, thus to process not only the coat till complete wetting, but the skin also. It should to process the paw pads also. Avoid of getting into eyes and mucous membranes during the processing. The processing of animals is recommended to carry out during the parasites seasonal activity in requirement.


Individual hypersensibility to active components.

«ЭкоВет» спрей