Bed and house Comfort

for cats and dogs

PR241892 COMFORT 1 (32х31х28)

PR241891 COMFORT 2 (35х34х31)

 PR241890 COMFORT 3 (39х38х35)

PR241889 COMFORT 4 (44х43х40)

This house will be perfect for adult small-size pets, cats and dogs, as well as for kittens and puppies. The model is quite spacious, its soft sides make it very cosy, while kittens and puppies will not fall out and their games will be absolutely safe.

Model benefits:
• compact;
• universal;
• affordable.

Its universal design enables to place the house in any room, especially in the postmodern, English, Alpine, country and eclectic interiors.

Bring joy to your four-legged pet with this excellent present!

CompositionCoarse calico, foam rubber
Applicationfor cats and dogs
RecommendationsWash the product with your hands. It is not recommended to wash the bed and pillow in the washing machine.
Expiration dateUnlimited

Bed and house Comfort