Bed and house "Caprice"

for cats


A quiet house for your pussy cat! The Caprice pet house is a functional option for sleep and leisure of your cats, kittens and small dogs. These pets will enjoy sleeping in this house. The durable cotton is easy to clean with a roller or brush.

This check cotton house will highlight and complement your interior.
Bring joy to your pet with a wonderful place for sweet dreams!

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CompositionCoarse calico, foam rubber
Applicationfor cats
RecommendationsWash the product with your hands. It is not recommended to wash the bed and pillow in the washing machine.
Expiration dateUnlimited
Size38х38х36 cm
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House benefits:
• compactness;
• durable cotton
• soft colours;
• easiness in cleaning;
• affordability.

Bed and house "Caprice"