Bed "Lux"

for dogs

PR241784 (40х30х17 cm) cherry/cherry

PR241783  (52х36х20 cm) cherry/cherry

PR241782  (62х44х22 cm) cherry/cherry

PR241781  (57х79х24 cm) cherry/cherry

PR241780  (86х62х27 cm)  cherry/cherry

A universal dog bed is comfortable, compact and eye-catching.

Model benefits:
• a wide size range
• ergonomic shape
• soft foam sides
• removable and easy-to-clean cushion (padding polyester filling)
• durable quality fabric.

Lux bed will bring comfortable sleep and leisure for your four-legged pet.
CompositionМатеріал: плащова тканина, вельбо, поролон, синтепон.
Applicationfor dogs
RecommendationsWash the product with your hands. It is not recommended to wash the bed and pillow in the washing machine.
Expiration dateUnlimited

Bed "Lux"