Bed "Coconut"

for dogs

PR241981  48х38х18 см   

PR241980   54х44х20 см  

PR241979   64х50х22 см   

Your pet will enjoy sleeping in this quiet and cosy place! "Coconut" is a soft and functional bed for small and medium-sized dogs. It is made of durable  fabric that is easy to clean from fur.

Comfortable and quite high bed sides and a removable cushion are filled with padding polyester. If necessary, the cushion can be hand-washed and dried on a horizontal surface.

Its stylish and attractive design will make this bed a highlight of your interior.

CompositionБязь, синтепон
Applicationfor dogs
RecommendationsWash the product with your hands. It is not recommended to wash the bed and pillow in the washing machine.
Expiration dateUnlimited

Bed "Coconut"