Mattress for dogs

for dogs

Art. PR740429 (36х56х2 cm)
Art. PR740430 (44х66х2 cm)
Art. PR740431 (52х77х2 cm)
Art. PR740432 (57х84х2 cm)
Art. PR740433 (84х112х2 cm)

The optimal affordable compact pet bed. • the bed can be organized for your four-legged pet in any place just within a second
• it is easy to store and transport
• a wide size range
• the mattress is so simple and universal that will be ideal for any interior

The comfort and compactness of this bed for small and big dogs has been appreciated by thousands of owners and their four-legged pets. It is the best value for money!висимости от наличия ткани
Материал: бязь, поролон.

CompositionCoarse calico, foam rubber
Applicationfor dogs
RecommendationsWash the product with your hands. It is not recommended to wash the bed and pillow in the washing machine.
Expiration dateUnlimited

Mattress for dogs