Cocktail "Ara"

for large-sized parrots


Complete food for large parrots contains a perfectly balanced amount of nutrients and vitamins. The feed has a multi-component composition and is intended for daily feeding of birds. It is made from selected grains, seeds, nuts, dried fruits that have not undergone chemical processing, does not contain preservatives and dyes. A moderate amount of treats will make the food more attractive to the bird.

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Weight850 g
Applicationfor large-sized parrots
RecommendationsFeed the birds 2 - 3 times a day in small portions, feed each time in a clean dry feeder. Make sure there is always fresh water in the bowl.
Storage conditionsIn a dry room at a temperature of 0 to 30 ° C and a relative humidity of not more than 75%.
Expiration date18 months
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Ingredients: black sunflower seeds, corn, whole-grain oats, wheat, peanuts, safflower, gray sunflower seeds, buckwheat, sorghum, barley, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, dried granulated apples, carob, dried grapes

Cocktail "Ara"