Cocktail Grain Stick «Fruit, nut, coconut»

for rodents


Coconut chips are an excellent sorbent, therefore, it is a useful supplement to the rodent diet. They promote toxins and other waste products elimination from the bowels. Coconut is rich in essential fatty acids, which have antiviral and antibacterial effects, as well as improve body resistance.

The mix of various fruits complements the rodents diet with carbohydrates, pectin and vitamins that strengthen your pet immune system.

Nutsare a source of energy and good proteins;they are also rich in zinc, iron and calcium, thus being an integral part of the bird food needs.

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Weight90 g
Applicationfor rodents
RecommendationsSecure the grain stick so that it is readily accessible. Make sure there is always fresh water in the bowl.
Storage conditionsIn a dry room at a temperature of 0 to 30 ° C and a relative humidity of not more than 75%.
Expiration date18 months
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Cocktail Grain Stick «Fruit, nut, coconut»