TM "Nature" has introduced the technology of packaging feed in a modified air environment.

For more than 20 years, TM “Priroda” has been a leading producer of grain feed for pets in Ukraine. In order to maintain a leading position, the brand is constantly improving, introducing new technologies and techniques into production.

In February 2020, TM “Priroda” introduced for the first time in Ukraine one of the most advanced technologies - packaging of pet food in a protective atmosphere (modified air environment).

The technology is completely safe for animals: the protective atmosphere consists of inert gases present in the air, but in special proportions at which the development of undesirable microflora is reduced, the structure of the product is not damaged and vitamins are not destroyed.

Storage technology using modified air is actively used in Europe and in our country for food storage.

No heat treatment! No harmful preservatives!

Maximum preservation of vitamins, minerals and nutrients!

Nature has introduced a new packaging technology