Anti-marking spray for cats

for cats



"NO MARKING” repellent spray for cats helps to wean a pet of habit to defecate in non-designated place, as well the habit to mark territory. The spray has a soft effect, innocuous to animal, suitable for long-term use. The place non-allocated for defecation is advised to make less accessible to enhance the effect.


Composition: natural extracts of lemon, mint, neonol, isopropyl alcohol, salimix, distilled water.

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Applicationfor cats
Volume250 ml
Storage conditionsIn a dry, dark room, at a temperature of 0 to 25 ° C.
Expiration date3 years
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Shake the bottle before use! At place of animal's interest attraction, pulverize spray at distance of 20-30 cm within a few seconds. The processing required to be repeated till generation of stable reflex in animal to stay away of processed place.

Anti-marking spray for cats